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Assignment of Spectrum

Assignment of Spectrum involves the issuance of radio frequency spectrum in the forms specified by the Commission. Each type of assignments contains the scope and limits on the assignment holder's ability to transfer or otherwise deal with the whole or any part of the assignment, the validity period of the assignment and conditions as imposed by the Commission. The Commission is also responsible for allocating the specific spectrum bands.

Types of Assignment

Class Assignment

A Class Assignment confers rights on a person to use a frequency band or bands for a specified purpose. There is no requirement for registration or prescribed fees for class assignments. A class assignment is valid until it is cancelled by the commission. The following are examples of class assignment:

  • Walkie-Talkie (Family Radio System)
  • Wireless LAN and Bluetooth

The examples above must satisfy the conditions imposed in P.U. (A) 109.

Class Assignment Application

No application is needed for class assignment. Clients must get equipment Type Approval (TA) for their equipment from SIRIM QAS Sdn Bhd (Contact: 603-5544 6974).

The technical conditions for equipment TA can be found in P.U. (B) 109.

To view the Register of Class Assignment, please click the following links:

  1. Class Assignment No. 1 of 2010 (registered on 1 April 2010)
  2. Notification of Issuance of Class Assignments (Registered on 1 November 2004)
Spectrum Assignment

A Spectrum Assignment confers rights on a person to use one or more specified frequency bands for any purpose consistent with the assignment conditions. The IMT-2000 (3G) assignment is an example of Spectrum Assignment.

The specified band to be assigned in a geographic unit must be consistent with the Spectrum Plan. An assignment is valid up to 20 years and the holder may transfer or trade the spectrum.

Spectrum Assignment Application

The MCMC will advertise the availability of a Spectrum Assignment exercise in the public media (i.e. newspapers) and successful candidates will be invited to apply for the spectrum. More information can be found in P.U. (A) 128 Part IV.

To view the Register of Spectrum Assignment, please click here.

3G round 2

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has announced and published its Marketing Plan for 3G round 2 on 22 July 2005 and the Applicant Information Package on 22 August 2005.

Please click the following links to view the respective documents:
Marketing Plan
Applicant Information Package (AIP)


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